Learning Opportunities

These learning modules are designed to build individual and organizational capability. Each session can be modified for full and half-day, as well as “lunch and learn”-style formats.

Crucial Conversations

Making what you say, matter

Do you have something to say? Make it matter. Every day, we interact with others. We convey ideas, opinions and feelings. Do others listen, understand and remember what you say? Are you confident in delivering your messages? Are your interactions productive and satisfying?

Learn how to make your Conversations matter. Regardless of what you are communicating or to whom, you can make your Conversations meaningful and memorable.

Join in the Conversation. It’s Crucial.

Executive Presence

We all know those people who just seem to have “it”; that intangible quality that sets a person apart. Poise, self-assuredness and gravitas might best describe this quality. People with “Presence” have command of themselves and exude warmth and authenticity in all of their interaction. They inspire and energize. They are memorable.

Participants in this workshop will assess their “Presence” and identify ways to leverage their strengths and build on areas they wish to improve. This positive and energetic workshop will help you discover your “It Factor” enhance your executive presence.

Power Up: Positive Power

Getting It, Using it, Keeping it.

“Power” isn’t necessarily a bad word! Power can be used to make positive things happen. Many of us don’t realize the personal power we have; let alone how to use it to benefit our organizations, our relationships and our lives.

This workshop delves into the dynamics of power and how it works to influence positive outcomes. You will receive tips and strategies for optimizing your personal power and how to achieve outstanding results.

The People Playbook: an Executive’s Guide to Fielding a Winning Team

You invest a great deal in the human capital of your organization. In fact, it is probably your biggest expense. Employees who are not skilled, perform poorly, or are disengaged are a drag on your business. They cost you money, time, opportunity and most importantly, customers. However, effectively managing your human resources can drive significant improvement in revenue, cost containment, efficiency and innovation. Talent can be your competitive advantage.

“The People Playbook” equips you with the information and tools you need to optimize talent and achieve outstanding results. Members can put these concepts to work, immediately, and continuously improve organizational performance through a well-orchestrated “People Plan”.

Ignite, Inspire, Win: Driving Results through Employee Engagement

How engaged are your employees? Did you know that highly engaged employees can create a significant competitive advantage for your organization?

Learn how engagement drives business results through inspiring innovation, attracting and retaining top talent and creating a culture of high performance.

This workshop provides you with an overview of employee engagement and how you as a business leader can inspire your workforce. You will leave this workshop with a specific plan to make engagement an important part of your business strategy.

Career Café

It’s more than a Workshop….It’s an Experience

Like all leaders, you are concerned about retaining and engaging top talent. You know that employees are concerned about their careers and that career enrichment is a key driver of employee engagement. So, how can you provide a meaningful and cost-effective career development experience for your valued employees?

Welcome to Career Café; an intensive experience focused on developing careers. This is not a job search workshop; rather we focus on how employees can develop their careers with your organization. Employees will leave with an actionable Career Roadmap that they can use to guide their career development activities.

Career Café is especially effective for high-potential employees, emerging leaders, as well as employee affinity groups (Women’s Networks, etc.). Past participants have found the experience to be highly engaging, intense and fun!

The “Effective Executive” Workshop

This learning experience focuses on skills that are critical for working at the executive level. Often, managers who are promoted to executive-level positions struggle with the shift they must make, in order to effectively lead at a higher level. This creates stress, confusion, and potentially, performance issues. By taking command of some basic executive skills, any leader can situate themselves for success and instill confidence in their teams, bosses and co-workers.

The workshop is offered in a one-day session or the program can be modularized to accommodate shorter learning sessions.

Workshop What You Will Learn
Making Time to Be Successful
  • Methods for managing your calendar, before it manages you.
  • Kicking the “yes” habit. Saying “no” to interruptions and demands.
  • Identifying and eliminating time wasters.
  • Carving out “think time” to optimize your effectiveness.
Making Meetings Matter
  • Assessing the need: “do we really need to meet?”
  • Setting and managing an effective agenda.
  • Setting the tone and meeting protocols.
  • Avoiding “meeting creep”.
  • Facilitation Tips for hosting outstanding meetings.
Decision Making
  • The anatomy of a decision. Who does what, when, why, how?
  • Good decisions, bad decisions, no decisions. Understanding the dynamic of the decision-making process.
  • Your role in decision-making.
  • The power of the coalition.
  • Tips for facilitating efficient and sustainable decisions

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