pay and rewards

Use this Pay and Reward Fast Pack to create compensation programs that attract great employees and motivate your team.

pay and rewards
pay and rewards

Purchase this expert resource for $89!  Implement pay and reward programs that are consistent, fair and motivate your team.

What are HR Fast Packs?

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Specifically developed for growing companies by HR expert Diane McNally, Ph.D., HR Fast Packs are convenient HR modules that allow you to manage your business effectively.


This Pay and Rewards Fast Pack gives you the information, documentation, and templates you need at a price you can afford.


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What’s Included?

One of the most critical aspects of managing your business is how you compensate your employees. By implementing a process that is consistent, fair and transparent you will minimize confusion and have an efficient and effective way of compensating your team. Compensation goes beyond just an hourly rate or annual salary. This Pay and Rewards Fast Pack outlines the factors  to consider when establishing your compensation programs.

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Compensation Structure Form

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pay and rewards

Pay and Rewards HR Fast Pack

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