Andy 150 150 Joe Watson


Diane and I have collaborated on many projects. I’ve seen firsthand how effective she is with her clients. She’s quick, insightful and genuine. She gets it done and her clients love her.

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Lisa 150 150 Joe Watson


Smart. Schooled. Seasoned. Supportive. Super fun to work with. It’s that simple.

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Rob 150 150 Joe Watson


We would have made some pretty dumb mistakes, if it weren’t for Diane. She helps us think through our people decisions and puts us on the right track. Diane doesn’t just make recommendations; she shows you the path to making it happen.

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Jon 150 150 Joe Watson


Diane is smart, experienced and great fun to work with. She knows her stuff and doesn’t mess around in getting things….the right things, done. She doesn’t waste your time or your money in finding the right solution.

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Jamie 150 150 Joe Watson


Diane knows organizations and people. She’s brings real-world experience and great insight to the table. Diane is our go-to person on our people strategy.

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Bill 150 150 Joe Watson


I know that I am more successful in my job because of the coaching Diane provided to me. She gave me practical ideas and was a great sounding board. I’m a better leader for it.

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