HR Fast Packs: Success Stories

Mired-down Manufacturer

“My hiring process was a mess.  We were totally disorganized and I worried I wasn’t doing the things I needed to do to comply with all the regulations and to hire good people. Hiring Fast Pack helped us get our act together, really quickly.  We didn’t have to start from scratch and hope we got it right.  We also plan to buy the Handbook now that we have so many more employees.  That will really help us put our policies together and we don’t have to spend a fortune!”

Happy Consultant

“I am always looking for ways to provide more value to my clients, so being able to offer tools such as HR Fast Packs is terrific.  The toolkits offer useful templates and guides that help my clients put HR programs in place without a lot of hassle and expense.  I also like that the tools can be customized to meet my client’s specific needs.”

HR on a Budget

“As a small but growing, non-profit, we have to stretch every dollar. We definitely needed to organize our HR operations, but didn’t know where to start.  HR Fast Packs have solved that problem by providing the tools we need to get started and they are incredibly affordable.  I really feel like we have HR under control and that’s a huge weight off my shoulders.” 

Help for a Busy Manager

“When I was promoted to Office Manager, I took on HR.  I have a very busy job and was falling behind in setting up the HR function that the company needed.  HR Fast Packs saved me by providing critical HR forms and templates, instantly!  I really like that I can edit and customize to fit our company and our culture.  I’m very happy that I found HR Fast Packs.”  

Making HR Look Good

I was hired into a company as their first HR Manager.  I inherited a mess.  I had nothing to work with.  No forms, policies or processes.  Thank goodness I found HR Fast Packs.  Having ready-made forms and templates accelerated my progress in getting HR working they way it should.  I have used all six HR Fast Packs and really like that I can make edits and changes to suit our company.  Not only have HR Fast Packs help me in my work, they have made me look good with my new employer!

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