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Multiple Generations in the Workplace. It’s Nothing New. 150 150 Diane McNally

Multiple Generations in the Workplace. It’s Nothing New.

Multiple Generations in the Workplace. It’s Nothing New. Recently, I have met with several employer groups and one question always seems to come up.  “What do we do about managing so many generations in the workplace?” This question confounds me a bit, mostly because multi-generational workplaces are nothing new.  A number of years ago, when…

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What’s your “Employee Experience” Like? 150 150 Diane McNally

What’s your “Employee Experience” Like?

I regularly have conversations with business leaders about employee turnover and the lack of employee “motivation”.   It seems that many companies have tried all manner of strategies to curb the flight of talent and get more out of the resources they have.  I recently talked with a business owner who said he has spent “thousands and thousands of dollars” on these efforts, with absolutely no gain.  I was surprised by this and asked him if I could visit his company and learn more about their concerns.  He was more than willing to continue the conversation and potentially find out what they could to address their issues. read more
Harassment Training Doesn’t Work 150 150 Diane McNally

Harassment Training Doesn’t Work

Harassment Training Doesn’t Work This may be HR heresy, but I’m completely convinced that traditional “harassment training” is highly ineffective and may actually act as an obstacle to creating workplace engagement.  Yes, an actual hindrance to a healthy workplace ecosystem.  Let me explain. I wish I had a nickel for every hour of harassment training…

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