5 Things You Should Do to Get HR Up and Running

5 Things You Should Do to Get HR Up and Running 150 150 Diane McNally

5 Things You Should Do to Get HR Up and Running

Get HR Up and Running

I know, I know, the last thing you want to think about is HR “stuff”.  It feels like such a hassle; paperwork, administrative tedium, complicated rules and regulations.  Yes, HR may seem like one of the more mundane realities of operating a business, but eventually you will have to get HR in order.  The good news?  It’s really not that hard if you follow some key steps:

  • Be clear about who does what. It is likely that your HR activities are currently handled by several people, both inside and outside of your company. It is important to know who is doing what in order to avoid duplicating efforts, paying for things you don’t need, or getting stuck without the support that you need.
  • Create your employee files. Files can be kept in hard-copy or electronically. Hard copy files should be stored in a secure, locked area. Electronic files should be maintained regularly and secured in the same way you would any other highly confidential information. Be sure to arrange for dual access by someone you trust, in case you are not available to access employee files.
  • Communicate your policies. Take the time to identify important policies and publish them to your employees.  This is an effective and consistent way to communicate expectations and to keep employees informed.
  • Use simple tools. Having a few processes and forms in place will make it easy to support key activities like hiring and performance reviews. This simple step will reduce the hassle of “starting from a blank page” every time and will improve the quality and consistency of your HR activities.
  • Comply with laws and regulations. Know what is required for your business and mark your calendar to review HR compliance on an annual basis.

When you get these basics in place, you will have your HR act together and you will be free to focus on growing your business.  Take action, today!

Need help getting started? Our HR Start-Up Checklist can help!